Saturday, September 8, 2018

San Diego - a dream come true

You know those dreams you have when you are a child? The dream that one day you would go and see that magical place someone told you about; something you saw as just a dream back then... 

I remember how my aunt told me about her experience in San Diego, I remember being amazed by the pictures she showed me from beautiful places around the city – flowers, colors, views. I was just a kid back then, but years have passed and this dream became reality. I remember the joy I felt when the plane touched the ground in San Diego. For one second there, I was that kid again, a little girl with a dream, but this time one that was so ready to live it.

San Diego is a truly beautiful city, with a lot to offer. As I’ve spent a few weeks there, I got to see a lot of it and I will share with you some of my favorite spots around the city and not only.

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1. Coronado Island
I think one of my favorites was Coronado Island, just across from downtown San Diego. The bay provides a charming collection of art galleries, shops and restaurants. The most iconic place of the island is Hotel Del Coronado, a historical building, also known for its featuring in the movie Some like it hot, starring Marilyn Monroe.

A day full of sightseeing, shopping and Californian food asks for some relaxing time at the beach. But look no further, Coronado is known for its gorgeous beaches, so we decided to spend the rest of our day on the beach, enjoying the ocean’s breeze, seagulls’ chirping and the perfect climate of the city. And what a better way to end the day if not walking down the island with ice-cream in one hand and the sunset in the other? :)
Hotel Del Coronado
2. Downtown
A beautiful place to see, with its skyscrapers competing with the palm trees in height and with the historical Spanish-influenced architecture in majesty.

There you can find Seaport Village, a waterfront shopping and dining complex near San Diego Bay, hosting colorful shops and galleries. The buildings are impressive with their Victorian and Mexican architectural styles and the breeze is perfect on a hot summer day. Many people come spend their day on the grass, enjoying the sun, the music and … soap bubbles!

Just outside Seaport Village, we admired the iconic Hyatt Hotel, the tallest waterfront hotel on the West Coast. Once there, we went to Top of the Hyatt located at the 40th floor of the Harbor Tower, for a drink and some great panoramic sights of Coronado Island and the city’s skyline.

3. Old town

The historic heart of San Diego, Old Town San Diego is a perfect place for a fun day – wandering through lush gardens and specialty shops, enjoying authentic Mexican food, or admiring dances at the strolling mariachis in the Bazaar del Mundo.
·  among other cute shops, on San Diego avenue you can find Cousin’s Candy Shop, a magical place stocking fudge, taffy, licorice & old-school sweets – a paradise for any sweets lover :)

4. Balboa Park
 Named after the first European to cross Central America and see the Pacific Ocean, Balboa Park is an urban cultural park hosting gardens, natural vegetation zones, and walking paths, as well as recreational facilities and several gift shops and restaurants. In addition to these, the park also contains museums, theaters and the famous San Diego Zoo. The buildings are very impressive, being designed using California Mission Revival Style architecture. So whether you like to walk and admire the architecture, visit a museum or shop a little, Balboa Park has it all!
      ·   right outside the park, you can find Cabrillo Bridge, a great place to get a view of Downtown or to watch airplanes leaving the ground at a very close distance :)
California Tower 
5. Torrey Pines
Don’t know what to do on a Sunday afternoon? A hike is always a good idea, and if it is by the ocean, it’s even better. Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve is a wilderness oasis, offering beautiful ocean views, beaches, and wilderness along miles of hiking trails. Just imagine hiking and then walking down the beach barefoot and you’ll know what I mean. :) I loved it there!

6. Old Poway Park
The last but not the least – Old Poway Park is situated in Poway, north of San Diego. The best time to explore it is on Saturdays when it hosts Poway Farmers Market, a shopping and entertainment experience that goes all year round. The vendors provide fresh flowers, vegetables and fruits, music and freshly prepared food. Add to this a very scenic place, with vintage train rides, a museum & historic buildings, and you get yourself a great weekend experience.

These are just a few of the beautiful places around San Diego, perhaps the ones I’ve seen and liked the most. If ever in California, I would suggest going out of the city/county to see more. For example, I loved seeing a bit of Santa Monica, Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo. The temperature, the climate and the views change from city to city, but they all have a nice Californian style that catches your eye and heart forever.
till next time! 

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