Saturday, November 24, 2018

The Fire in You

It’s there. It’s in you. Maybe you don’t know it or maybe you haven’t discovered it yet, but there is a fire inside you.

When you see a kind gesture between two strangers. When you’re in the car and look out the window at the beauty of the scenery. When you watch leaves turning green and yellow and then green again. When the first snowflake touches your face. When you go home after a long time and hug the people you love after missing them badly. When your grandmother cooks your favorite meal. When you make plans for the future. When you get excited about doing something creative. When you talk about something you love with tears in your eyes. When you realize how amazing being alive is.

That’s when you find your fire. In those moments of pure emotion, when you feel full of passion and joy and drive. And that’s when you have to use it. This fire is beautiful – it’s what makes you, you. Know it. Embrace it. Be it.

When you see others acting kind, remember you can be, too. When you see beauty around you, appreciate it and don’t take it for granted. When fall comes, embrace the changing colors. When winter comes, embrace the crisp air. When you are near the ones you love, appreciate it, spend more time with them. When someone does something nice for you, tell them how much you value their gesture. When you enjoy doing something creative, do it again, and again and remember that many great things start as hobbies. When you realize how much you wish you’d do something, do it, even if takes time and resources and overcoming challenges.

That’s why there’s a fire in you. To make you aware of the ideas and possibilities that are hidden deep inside yourself, the things you love, the things you wish for. And then, to remind yourself that you have all it takes for these wishes and ideas to become reality. You can do it all, because darling, you are the fire.

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